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How to setup Search Path in Matlab Online Environment?

Asked by Amanda Lin on 2 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Amanda Lin on 5 Aug 2019
1st time using Matlab Online. Cannot find the Set Path button for defining my search path. Is it possible to use search path as in the desktop environment? Thanks!


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Answer by Sai Bhargav Avula on 5 Aug 2019
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MATLAB online is designed for students to be able to access MATLAB from any computer with an active Internet connection, and allows collaboration, online sharing, publishing as well as cloud storage through MATLAB Drive.
All the files required needs to be uploaded in the MATLAB Drive. To integrate MATLAB Drive with your MATLAB environment, MATLAB Drive Connector needs to be installed. This provides simple access to your files through MATLAB Drive folder and enable offline access.


Thank you Sai for picking up my question. However, I was not asking the Drive Connector which I already installed. My question was regarding the "setpath" button which I cannot find in Online version of Matlab. Without this functionality, I was not able to call functions that were saved in folders different from my current folder. Any hint how I can do that?
You can run the command pathtool in the command window which gives the Set Path dialogue box.
Hope this helps!!
Cool! That is very likely working for the purpose. I haven't tried but the set path dialogue did show up similar to the desktop environment.
I'll update when I have tried on runing my scripts!

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