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Using fscanf does not output a two-dimensional array

Asked by Ryoma Molnar on 9 Aug 2019
Latest activity Answered by Sai Bhargav Avula on 12 Aug 2019
I would like to my data stored in a text file (Bmatrixu8.txt) converted to an size [Inf, 3] array.
While this should be easy, my code only seems to output an empty array.
The only thing I could see going wrong is is an incorrect 'formatSpec', but I don't notice anything wrong with it.
Just in case this is relevant, I was having issues earlier with the encoding of my text file. Because it was in Unicode, whitespace appeared in between every character. This was fixed by changing the encoding to UTF-8.
Any ideas on what could be going on?
clc; clear;
fileID = fopen('Bmatrixu8.txt','r');
A = fscanf(fileID,'%d,%d,%d\n');

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-214,--212,-6273,3147 % <- How do you expect this line to be parsed ?
"This was fixed by changing the encoding to UTF-8."
Better to simply specify the file encoding.

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1 Answer

Answer by Sai Bhargav Avula on 12 Aug 2019

As mentioned by Stephen Cobeldick the text file has 4 elements in the 353th line and cannot be parsed. Also, try using the textscan() function which provides better flexibility over the formatted data and handling the delimiters and empty value conversions.
Refer the following link for better understanding of the textscan function.
Hope this helps !


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