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App Designer 2019b : automatic add of Figbrowser menu at load of app and then it's impossible to save or run

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Florentin Coppey
Florentin Coppey on 12 Aug 2019
Commented: Jim Brown on 13 May 2021
I create a new blank app in App designer 2019b and save it immediately without editing anything. Then I reopen it and a complex FigBrowser menu appears. I am now unable to either run the app or save it. both buttons are greyed out. Any idea how to fix that? All my older apps have become impossible to edit and save.Pasted Graphic.png

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Jim Brown
Jim Brown on 13 May 2021
This is EVRI's fault. I assume you are using PLS_Toolbox. They have a figbrowser function that adds this FigBrowswer menu automatically to figures. I had the same problem in R2021a. Once you open an App in App Designer with PLS_Toolbox in the path, the App is forever broken. The FigBrower code is like a virus in your App. You can try to delete the FigBrowser menu by right clicking and selecting delete. It will disappear, but when you save the App and reopen, it reappears and if you try again, you get a million error messages and App Designer freezes. Once you save the App after FigBrowser showed up, your App is largely useless as there are a whole lot of errors in the code due to FigBrowser. Easiest thing is to remove the EVRI code from your path before using App Designer. In that case you can open a clean copy of an App and work with it. If you really have to have PLS_Toolbox too, then look at the documentation for figbrowser on the EVRI wiki. They have ways to control when it shows up and you may be able to prevent it from openning in anything that is not EVRI code related.
Jim Brown
Jim Brown on 13 May 2021
That's me. Had to chuckle when I saw your name on a question about this. Helped convince me it what EVRI's code that was screwing with things. The person at Mathworks that was helping me on recovering a screwed up App was sure it was due to FigBrowser, but wasn't too sure where FigBrowser came from. She seems to think they added that feature in R2021a, but I can't find any documentation. There is a figbrowser.m in PLS_Toolbox, and it is clearly the problem. Unfortunately, once App Designer uses it, it can't seem to forget it. There most be something buried in the mlapp file even after you try to delete the FigBrowser item. It reincarnates itself and blows up your code in the process. I made a copy of my path with and without PLS_Toolbox, and will switch if I have to edit my app.

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