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tyengo matlab 7.0 y no puedo instalarlo

Asked by diego concha o on 13 Aug 2019
Latest activity Edited by Jackson Burns on 22 Aug 2019
tengo matlab 7.0 y no puedo hacerlo funcionar y creo que es porque mi computador es 64 bit. que puedo hacer pueden ayudar?

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on 13 Aug 2019
The general solution is to use a VPN with Windows XP. I know for a fact it is possible to get 6.5 working on 64 bit Windows 10, but there is not a 100% success rate on that and I doubt you will get any support from Mathworks.

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1 Answer

Answer by Jackson Burns on 14 Aug 2019
Edited by Jackson Burns on 22 Aug 2019

Segun MATLAB Wikipedia, no debes usar MATLAB 7.0 con una computadora 64 bit por que MATLAB 7.1 fue la version primera que apoyaba computadoras 64 bit. Eso es un problema resuelto con una copia de MATLAB mas reciente.
Lo siento por la falta de accentos.
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I'm sure you could, but it would be far easier and you'd have fewer problems to deal with if you used the corresponding version.
on 16 Aug 2019
The technical name for 64 bit is x86-64. That makes it clearly an extension of x86 (32 bit). Many parts of windows itself are still 32 bit. Only on some of the latest Linux distributions they are starting to phase out 32 bit support. I'm not aware of Microsoft planning to do the same any time soon. I believe they only remove 16 bit support in Vista.
If you are not aware of these things, why give the advice without any caveat? No one can know everything, but at least be clear when you are speculating. The way you phrased your comment sounds like you need some special hacks to get 32 bit software running. Actually it only took a double click on setup.exe to install Matlab 6.5 (and adding 1 file to get it past the splash when starting). Maybe version 7 is as easy.
The point I'm trying to make here is that the best solution is to just use a more recent version of MATLAB.
The best way to avoid complicating the install with extra files, software, and other workarounds? Use a modern version that specifically supports your system.

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