Matlab Mobile: Plot a walking path in cartesian

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I am using Matlab mobile to acquire postioning data while walking along a path . Then I convert it to cartesian and plot it in 3D. I want to calculate the distance walked. Here is the code:
In Matlab Mobile: [Android]
m = mobiledev;
m.PositionSensorEnabled = 1;
m.Logging = 1;
<walk straight 10 steps>
m.Logging = 0
[lat,lon,timestamp,speed,course,alt,horizac] = poslog(m)
< convert to cartesian>
[x,y,z] = geodecticenu(lat,lon,horizac,lat(1),lon(1),horizac(1),wgs84Ellipsoid);
I expect a staright path in 3D, But it is not showing that.
Kindly help.
Looking forward to your response.

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Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan on 30 Aug 2019
The entire code looks fine.Just a minor mistake in using geodeticenu function. Use geodetic2enu instead for getting the desired results.
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Nazish Fahim
Nazish Fahim on 4 Sep 2019
Thank you, I tried the function you mentioned, it gives desirable results. Thanks.

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