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Regarding ADAS and Level 2 Autonomous Vehicle Modelling

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Ritul Singh
Ritul Singh on 3 Sep 2019
Answered: Veer Alakshendra on 4 Sep 2019
Hello everyone, I am about to start a project on development of level 2 autonomous vehicle features. If anyone knows relevant Blocksets and materials, will be of great help.
Moreover, I plan to simulate on Unity 3D as the only other tool I know about is IPG Carmaker, which in itself is very expensive. So anyone having previous experience or insights on integrating simulink and Unity 3D will indeed be really appreciated. If you have any other suggestions on simulation or in general, please be kind and let me know, I have been thankful to this community until now and I thank for future support.

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Veer Alakshendra
Veer Alakshendra on 4 Sep 2019
Hi Ritul,
Thanks for reaching out.
For level 2 type autonomy, I would suggest your to check out the MathWorks webpage for Automated Driving Toolbox:
We have provided examples and links for different tasks such as, perception, sensing, planning and controls.
For simulation of your autonomous car, I would suggest you to use the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset which provides fully assembled reference application models that simulate driving maneuvers in a 3D environment. In short, we interface Simulink with a gaming engine (Unreal Engine). I would suggest you to go through this introductory video to explore more:
Please go through these resources and let us know if you have any queries.

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