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Simulink Onramp 13.1 Task 4

Asked by Anmol Gurkha on 9 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Tresor Kahilu Wa Kahilu on 17 Oct 2019 at 14:03
Hello Matlab and Simulink Users,
I am stranded on 13.1 Peregrine Falcon Dive Part 2 Task 4. I just cannot seem to get past it. Any help regarding it will be appreciated.Even the solution does not provide the desired output signal.

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Task 4 is where you add the substract block?
Can you please give more details are to what seem to be your issue?

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Answer by Cris LaPierre
on 9 Sep 2019
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Just went through this task. It works for me. First suggestion would be to restart MATLAB and see if the behavior continues. If you still are getting errors, are your low and high drag terms connected to the correct ports? Have you set the parameters of the switch?
Perhaps add an image of your model so we can see.


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i can pass this task
Cris LaPierre
on 9 Sep 2019
Ok, that is very helpful. It looks like you might have a carryover issue from task 1. The output of the switch block (side with one port) needs to be connected to the red dashed arrow in the middle of the page. It looks like you added a new product block instead.
Oh Thank you so much Cris. It worked right away!

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