How do i produce a warning and an error for the user

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Jose Grimaldo
Jose Grimaldo on 20 Sep 2019
Answered: thoughtGarden on 20 Sep 2019
The task is to promt the user to enter an input between 0 and 200.I have to produce a warning and take the asbolute value. If the absolute value is greater than 200 I have to produce an error and terminate the program. This is what i have so far.

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thoughtGarden on 20 Sep 2019
The task is to... sounds like homework!
I'll provide some food for thought
  • You currently only check for absolute values if the value is negative, but what would happen if a positive value was above 200? (hint: you should likely use an additional non-nested if statement to check the second condition)
  • Your use of warning and error are correct

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