Simulink mask port names

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Josh on 24 Sep 2019
Commented: Josh on 24 Sep 2019
I have a mask with several ports. Inside the mask I have assigned names to the ports. I want the mask to display the port name on it based on the name defined on the ports inside the mask.
I tried (right click --> format --> port labels --> from port block name) but nothing appears on the mask.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

thoughtGarden on 24 Sep 2019
Edited: thoughtGarden on 24 Sep 2019
Select Opaque with ports on the Icon transparency drop down in the Mask Editor on the Icon & Ports Tab.
This will take the names of the input port and outports under a mask and make them the names of the ports on the mask.
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Josh on 24 Sep 2019
Perfect. Thanks!

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