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Copying logical from one .m to another

Asked by Charms
on 11 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Charms
on 12 Oct 2019
I have a logical from one .m file that i would like to transfer to another.m file. I have tried copying and pasting, but it does not seem to be valid.
Any advice?


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i have a 600 x 8 logical and want to manipulate this in the new .m file. it was returned with an invalid expression in the command window. Where should I be copying into?
Are you sure that it is in the form of commands in a .m file at the moment? And not data that you are displaying to the command window?
i was copying the data prior, apologies. I have tried clicking on the logical in the other .m file and COPY, and pasted in the new .m file but the matlabimport tool popped up. Is there something i can type in the command window (in the new .m) to extract that logical in the old .m?

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 Oct 2019
 Accepted Answer

Should give you a character vector that you can copy and paste

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thank youu :)

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