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Simulink Onramp: Section 7.1 Task 2

Asked by Gerardo Lopez-Lankenau on 14 Oct 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Michael Dundee on 31 Oct 2019
I am doing the Simulink Onramp course and on section 7.1 Task 2 it does not complete, because when submitting it says that the variable "myGain" is not define in the MATLAB Workspace, how can I solve this to conitnue my progress?

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I have same question

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2 Answers

Answer by Marius Feulner on 18 Oct 2019

I solved this problem by selecting "Base Workspace" instead of "Model Workspace" when creating myGain.

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This worked for me. Thanks!
This should be mentioned in the text.

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Answer by Samatha Aleti on 17 Oct 2019

I have heard that this issue is known, and the concerned parties may be investigating further.


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