I don't have function "deeplabv3plusLayer" in Matlab 2019a

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deeplabv3plusLayer(imageSize, numClasses, net)
Undefined function or variable 'deeplabv3plusLayer'.

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Oct 2019
At the end of its documentation page, the documentation states that it was introduced in release R2019b. You're using the release one prior to its introduction.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Oct 2019
It was introduced in R2019b
Duc Hoang
Duc Hoang on 11 Jun 2020
Function “deeplabv3plusLayer” was introduced in Matlab 2019b. If you use it, you should install Matlab version 2019b or higher.

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Ashwanth Ramesh
Ashwanth Ramesh on 20 Oct 2019
I dont have splitData function for Audio dataset in 2019a, neither did i find any documentation related to it.. can some one help me? This function has been used in an example in the Matlab site
Please help me find out what the issue is? Is it because the function was released in 2019b?
The error message that pops us is -
"Undefined function 'splitData' for input arguments of type 'audioDatastore'.
Error in Audio Processing 1 (line 18)
[adsTrain,adsValidation,adsTest] = splitData(ads,datafolder);"


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