How to generate run to failure bearings data?

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Hi. I want to do a predictive maintenance system with Matlab but I don't have enough bearings data. Do you know hot to generate run-to-failure data in Matlab ? I don't care about bearings type or parameters ?
HF on 9 Dec 2020
Hello, did you find a generator or some bearing data. If yes, could you please share those?
Kind regards
Krzysztof Lesniak
Krzysztof Lesniak on 9 Dec 2020
No, but I stopped looking for it since Dec 2k19.

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Answers (1)

Luke Halberstadt
Luke Halberstadt on 22 Dec 2020
A digital twin can enable you to generate additional bearing data with some knowledge of your bearings. For an introduction, please read the paper by Steve Miller on Predictive Maintenance using a Digital Twin:
To dive deeper, you can take a look at the eBook linked below which refers to additional resources. Since you have limited data, you are probably going for a physics-based or combined physics and data-based. For this, Simulink and Simscape can handle solver behavior and physics equations to help you produce failure data for thousands of component lifetimes


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