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Is it possible to create "SettlingTime" and "Overshoot" datatips on a stepplot via scripts?

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Alex Oleg
Alex Oleg on 5 Nov 2019
I have a stepplot responce. I need to create datatips automatically on "SettlingTime" and "Overshoot" points (see the picture below).
I know how to create datatips on simple x,y plots using the "cursorMode.createDatatip", but it seems like this command can't be used with the stepplot.
Next script allows me to get the characteristic points:
h=figure ('units','normalized','outerposition',[0 0 1 1]);
Maybe exist any command to add lables on this plot?
1st plot: What I have.
2st plot: What I need to have.
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Jose Daniel Pinzon Vivas
Jose Daniel Pinzon Vivas on 18 Feb 2021
Same problem here. And it seems that there is still no answer. I'm trying to do it in a live editor, but I can't get the data tips.

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Jose Daniel Pinzon Vivas
Jose Daniel Pinzon Vivas on 18 Feb 2021
This is the answer that a came with.
title('Step Response with Text')
text(s_info.PeakTime+0.05,h.Responses.Data.Amplitude(end)*0.6,sprintf('PeakTime (s) = %.3f', s_info.PeakTime))
text(s_info.PeakTime+0.05,s_info.Peak,sprintf('Overshoot (%%) = %.3f', s_info.Overshoot))
text(s_info.SettlingTime+0.05,h.Responses.Data.Amplitude(end)*0.4,sprintf('SettlingTime (s) = %.3f', s_info.SettlingTime))
text(h.Responses.Data.Time(end)*0.5,h.Responses.Data.Amplitude(end)*1.05,sprintf('Final Value (s) = %.3f', h.Responses.Data.Amplitude(end)))

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