How to check MATLAB version and choose compatible functions?

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sgtitle is available in MATLAB R2019b but not in R2018a
suptitle is available in MATLAB R2018a but not in R2019b.
If I'm distributing, how can I check the release to use the compatible function?

Answers (3)

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 11 Nov 2019
Check out verLessThan.

Oli Fairfax
Oli Fairfax on 23 Aug 2021
You can also use the following to keep it on one line:
ans = '2021a'

Abdul Basith Ashraf
Abdul Basith Ashraf on 11 Nov 2019
v= ver('MATLAB');
if v.Release=="(R2018a)"
elseif v.Release=="(R2019b)"

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