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Working with Ouster Lidar and pointcloud2

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I am trying to apply this tutorial to my case where I work with Ouster's lidar data:
I don't know how to apply readXYZ() or readRGB() from a bagfile.
but I get a structure object, so the format is not compatible.
Can anyone help me with that?


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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 9 Dec 2019
Hello Julien,
I haven't tried the Ouster data, but there are two options when reading messages from rosbag: you can read them in as structures or as message objects. If you use "DataFormat","struct", the read will generally be faster, but it is not currently usable with the convenience functions readXYZ and readRGB. I would suggest leaving off the "DataFormat" name-value pair to extract the messages as objects, then call the functions.

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julien attiogbe
julien attiogbe on 10 Dec 2019
Hi Cam,
Thanks for your reply, this is correct : )
I just needed to put it this way :
bag= rosbag('myFile.bag');
sel= select(bag,'Topic','/os1_cloud_node/points');
msg= readMessages(sel, 1: 30);
Then msg contains 1x1 PointCloud2 objects.

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