Trying to upload a CSV in matlab

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Mate 2u
Mate 2u on 4 Oct 2012
Hi all, I am trying to upload a csv file. I tried two methods (as follows with errors):
>> importdata('C:\Users\Mate2u\Desktop\FV.csv');
??? Error using ==> importdata at 214 Unable to load file. Use TEXTSCAN or FREAD for more complex formats.
Caused by: Error using ==> textscan Maximum variable size allowed by the function is exceeded.
>> csvread('C:\Users\Mate2u\Desktop\FV.csv');
??? Error using ==> dlmread at 145 Mismatch between file and format string. Trouble reading number from file (row 1, field 2) ==> /02/2
Error in ==> csvread at 52 m=dlmread(filename, ',', r, c);
] I would appreciate if somebody can help me?

Answers (1)

per isakson
per isakson on 4 Oct 2012
Edited: per isakson on 5 Oct 2012
It says: Use TEXTSCAN ...., which is a good advise.
We cannot help without knowing something about the file.

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