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Overhead crane 3D model V-Realm Builder 2.0

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jueves jevesion
jueves jevesion on 9 Oct 2012
Hello everyone
I have mathematical model of an gantry crane. Input to the system is force(or voltage of the engines) and outputs of the system are ;position of the trolley ;velocity of the trolley ;angle of the pendulum ;angular velocity
I want to build an 3D model to visualize the mesurments and PID control i have done,but i have some probloems with it.
I am using V-Realm Builder 2.0 in Matlab 2011a. I put an box and sphere in the world and change the name of them. The mass of the pendulum(not rope) is considered as 0 so there are only two objects
1. How do i connect these two objects in this world, so the behavior will be the same as in the mathematical model
2. I know how to apply the model to the simulink using VR Sink, but how do i move the trolley, or how do i make it possible to move the trolley and payload in the x orientation using Step signal in simulink as a set point, which goes to the PID from the PID to the system as force..and so on... i hope i made it clear to understand

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