how to change a .txt file to a .mat file

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Hello, I have a .txt file that I want to convert into a .mat file.
I tried this code
M = dlmread('test_background_id.txt'); %Use a better name that M
save('somefile.mat', 'M');
However I get an error
% Error using dlmread (line 147)
% Mismatch between file and format character vector.
% Trouble reading 'Numeric' field from file (row number 1, field number 1) ==> Serial:
% 00002405\n
Anyone knows why this is the case?

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 31 Jan 2020
Edited: Stephen23 on 31 Jan 2020
"Anyone knows why this is the case?"
dlmread only imports purely numeric data, which your file is not.
You will have to parse the file using some other tools, e.g. using fileread and a regular expression (you could probably coerce textscan and/or readtable to do much the same thing):
>> str = fileread('test_background_id.txt');
>> C = regexpi(str,'^([A-Z]+):\s*(.+?)\s*$','tokens','lineanchors');
>> C = vertcat(C{:})
'Serial' '00002405'
'Commit' 'be6aa3b35e7caab3db1a87f95510bd40c86a7431'
'CCamDeviceVersion' '1.3.0-1920618'
'SystemVersion' '3.0.0'
'SystemBuildDate' 'Mon Oct 08 17:12:03 2018'
'SystemVersionControlID' '7e8c3be8'
'SystemId' '15'
which you can easily convert to a convenient structure:
>> S = cell2struct(C(:,2),C(:,1),1);
>> S.Serial
ans =
>> S.SystemVersion
ans =
After that it is trivial to save it as a .mat file:
>> save('somefile.mat','-struct','S')
TIP: always load into an output variable:
S = load(...)
Stephen23 on 31 Jan 2020
"yes I did use the save line but no .mat file appears "
Did you check in the current directory?
"where did you attach the .mat file?"
To my previous comment. You can download it by clicking the link at the top of the comment. Here is a screenshot showing you where the link is:

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