Passing command-line arguments to a standalone simulink executable

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I have been trying to generate a standalone executable from a simulink model using Real time workshop (R2011a). I'm able to generate an exe which does not have any external interface. Now, I have a requirement to make it paramterised and accept a command-line argument as one of the inputs. I have tried using an input port at the top-level model but I'm not sure whether that would actually work. There is a configuration setting for generating C API under code generation settings (Simulation > Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Interface > Data exchange) but I haven't been able to figure out whether it can be used. I was wondering if anyone of you has tried implementing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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CALEB on 9 Jul 2014
Has there been any answer on Matlab Central to this question? I can find no material on this topic, but I have the same question, as I'm trying to use code generated by Simulink Coder and pass command line arguments to it. I have a trivial model with one input wired to the output, but after building it (no data exchange interface set, but MAT-file logging on) and running at the command line the input (In1... simulink defaults) is clearly not accepting my command line inputs. I've tried the following syntax to no avail:
>> myCode
>> myCode argVal
>> myCode In1 argVal
>> myCode -In1 argVal

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Anuj Patil
Anuj Patil on 30 May 2019
This should be helpful.


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