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How to position two figures on one app-designer gridlayout position?

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Leon on 9 Feb 2020
Edited: Adam on 10 Feb 2020
I need to overlay two figures on one app-designer gridlayout position. The two figures need to be one on top of the other, with the top figure's axles invisible.
Is it even possible?
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Adam on 10 Feb 2020
I'm pretty sure you can't have a figure parented by another figure, even with uifigures. You can have multiple axes, but if that is what you mean please try to give more precise details and terminology.

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Hiro on 10 Feb 2020
app.UIAxes.Visible = 'off';
Try this. It worked with my app where a push botton call this line so it can disappear.
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Leon on 10 Feb 2020
Many thanks. Sorry for not being clear. What I'm trying to figure out is how to initialize two figures on one gridlayout position.

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