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Is it possible to make functions with outputs in App designer?

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Michael Svejcar
Michael Svejcar on 7 Mar 2020
I would like to make functions that have input parameters as well as output parameters. Is it also possible in App designer? There is no example for this particular problem in documentation, and when I tried to do it in the "normal" way that I would use outside of App designer, it didn't work.
Thanks for any answer :)


Michael Svejcar
Michael Svejcar on 7 Mar 2020
I want to make function that has some input variables and returns output variables. For example function that you would feed two numbers into and it would give back one value which is their sum and another value which is the value after subtraction of these two numbers. I already looked in the documentation which you also posted here, but there's nothing about this particular usage of functions inside of App designer, not even in the examples. Does it mean that the only way to output these return values from functions inside App designer is to store them as local properties?

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