Frequency extraction of multiple monochromatic waves from a multidimensional array

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Hello everyone,
I describe what files I have attached in this question (see them here: The first file is called "spatial_positions" (6011x1 elements), the second is called "time" (862x1 elements), and the third is called "components" (6011x862 elements). What I want to do with this data is the following. For each element of "spatial_positions", I want to track all the times given by the "time" array in the "components" array. The ultimate goal is to find out what the frequency of the oscillations is for each element in "spatial_positions" across all elements in time. I have to add that most of the elements of "time", probably from the middle of it to the end, can be useless and, therefore, superfluous data, but it is something that can be seen only after extracting the data. This is because the values would be zero or close to it, not being important for evaluating fluctuations. The problem may be that the oscillations do not normally start for the first element of the time vector, which could make analysis difficult.
Any ideas?

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