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How can i implemente this PDE system?

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Claudio D'Amato
Claudio D'Amato on 26 Mar 2020
Edited: Claudio D'Amato on 26 Mar 2020
Hi! I have to implement this system in Matlab (a,b,c,d,Ei,m and n are costants) . How can i do? How many boundary contitions i have to write?

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Torsten on 26 Mar 2020
Use "pdepe".
You will need to specify four boundary conditions for this solver, although only two for the T equation were necessary.
As artificial condition for alpha, you could use d(alpha)/dz =0 at both ends.
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Claudio D'Amato
Claudio D'Amato on 26 Mar 2020
how can i write the artificial condition d(alpha)/dz=0? the matrix "f" used in pdepe code is [b*(dT/dz) ; 0] .*dudz in this case and I have to write this type of conditions p(x,t,u)+q(x,t)*f(x,t,u,du/dx)=0.

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