How do I update the Network License Manager?

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I have a network license, and I would like to know how to update the license manager software and the MATLAB license file on my license server.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 24 May 2022
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 24 May 2022
To update the Network License Manager, you must first obtain the updated License File then install the updated License Manager software using the MathWorks Installer or manually update the License Manager binaries.
The following instructions are for:
  • Obtaining the update License File
  • Updating the License Manager using MathWorks Installer
  • Manually updating the License Manager using the binaries
Obtaining the updated License File (Required)
Updating the network license manager requires that the license server already be activated on the MathWorks website.
To obtain the updated license file:
  1. Open the license in the License Center
  2. Click the "Install and Activate" tab
  3. Under 'Get License File,' click the down arrow to download the license file or the envelope to email the license file.
If you see "Activate to Retrieve License File," then you will need to activate the license.  For information on installing the License Manager with a new network license, please refer to the following article:
If you are transferring the license to a new license server, you will be required to first deactivate before reactivating to the new license server:
Updating the License Manager using MathWorks Installer
Using the MathWorks Installer to update the license manager is recommended for new license administrators. Compared to updating the license manager manually, it takes longer but is less error-prone.
1) Stop the current License Manager service
(Windows Machines only) Stop and remove the service
On Windows, the existing license manager service must be removed before the installer can be used to create a new one.
To remove the existing service:
  1. Open the MATLAB installation folder.
  2. Open the folder "etc\win64."
  3. Start "lmtools.exe."
  4. Go to the "Start/Stop/Reread" tab.
  5. Click "Stop Server."
  6. Go to the "Config Services" tab.
  7. Click on the "Service Name" drop down menu, and select the service you would like to remove.
  8. Click "Remove Service."
  9. Reboot the server to save the changes to your registry.
(Linux and MacOS) Stop Server
Linux and MacOS do not share Windows' concept of services. Instead, use the lmdown script to stop the license manager before proceeding.
2) Download and run the MathWorks Installer
The license manager installer is part of the MathWorks Installer. The MathWorks Installer can be downloaded here. Once you have the installer:
  1. Start the MATLAB installer.
  2. Click 'Advanced Options' at the top right.
  3. Select 'I want to install Network License Manager'
  4. Accept the terms of the Software License Agreement.
  5. When prompted for a license file, browse to the "license.lic" file that you downloaded from the MathWorks License Center.
  6. Select the destination folder
  7. To start the license manager to start at boot time, select "Configure the license manager as a service" (Windows only.)
  8. Click "Begin Install."
You may now start the License Manager as you had prior to the update.
NOTE: When updating the License Manager with the MathWorks Installer, the license.dat generated will not include the changes made to the SERVER line from your old license.dat.  You may need to replace the SERVER line from your updated license.dat with the SERVER line from the outdated license.dat.
The old license manager will still be in the folder it was originally installed in. Now that the updated license manager has been installed, you may delete this folder.
Manually updating the License Manager using the binaries
If you are serving multiple vendors from your FlexLM server, or you simply prefer to do things manually, the license manager can be updated without using the MATLAB installer. While updating the license manager manually is faster than using the MathWorks Installer, it is more error prone and only recommended for experienced license administrators.
First, you must download the License Manager binaries. The license manager binaries can be downloaded here.
The license manager consists of three binaries, or four for Windows machines:
  • lmgrd, the core license manager binary
  • mlm, the MATLAB vendor daemon
  • lmutil, a suite of tools for administering the license manager
  • lmtools.exe, a graphical frontend for the license manager. (Windows only)
To update the license manager:
  1. Stop the license manager.  On Windows machines, remove the License Manager service.
  2. Replace the binaries on the server with the ones you downloaded above.
  3. Update the license file.
You may now start the License Manager using the startup scripts.
When contacting us through a service request, please provide the license.dat and the debug log (lmlog). You may also find the help you need by visiting our support page!

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