replace updated data with previous data in Matlab while Matlab and excel are linked.

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Hi guys.
in my thesis, an engineering software runs and its result sends to an excel file (not saving). in the next step, I must send this data to Matlab and finally, Matlab creates some values for putting in engineering software. for any iteration, engineering software replaces updated data with previous data in excel. this cycle will do until Matlab optimize the objective function.
so I must create a linking between Matlab with excel while data in excel always updates and I need replace updated data with previous data in Matlab.
How can I do this?
I used "xlsread" and "actxservere" commands but in xlsread I just could get first data (before updating) and in actxserver, , I couldn't replace updated data with previous data because actxserve just can read files.

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Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen on 19 Apr 2020
Make a while loop in which matlab reads the data from the excel file every minute or every hour. You can generate a script that read the excel file with the "inport data" tool.
Amir amini
Amir amini on 19 Apr 2020
thank you for helpful advice but data doesn't save in excel. they just send from engineering software to excel. ( I edited question)

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