How to connect various computers to matlab

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I'm wondering if there is anyway to connect two computers, let's call it PC1 and PC2, so that I can use the resources of PC2 when I'm running a script in PC1.
I'm using windows 7 in PC1 and windows XP in PC2.
I have an ethernet cable to connect both computers.
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Daniel Jaló
Daniel Jaló on 31 Oct 2012
What I wished to do is use the processors of the PC2 to run the script in parallel with PC1. I have both the parallel processing toolbox and the distributed computing toolbox. They both have the same version of Matlab. However the PC1 is a Quad-Core processor A6-3420M and the PC2 has a dual core intel processor of 2.1GHz.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 31 Oct 2012
Edited: Jason Ross on 31 Oct 2012
I helped someone with a similar setup before.
Basically once you get the networking stuff set up, you set up the MJS, start the workers, and submit away.
If you wanted to, you could start workers on PC1 as well as PC2, you just have the workers on PC1 controlled by the job manager on PC2 -- although you do need to make sure you don't have too much load on PC1. A good starting point is one MATLAB per compute core, and 2 GB per worker.
You could do two workers on PC2 and three on PC1, keeping in mind you are doing other things on PC1. Tune as desired depending on how the hardware responds.
It's also recommended to keep the same bitness on the machines. Are both operating systems 32-bit? That will let you process parallel jobs most effectively.

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