VST Plugin with Visual Studio 2019

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Yavuz Buruk
Yavuz Buruk on 25 May 2020
Commented: Jimmy Lapierre on 28 May 2020
I am using Matlab 2019b. I want to use the AudioPlugin of AudioSystem Toolbox to build some audio plugins.
However, when I first run the command the "validateAudioPlugin" its sucessful. But the
generateAudioPlugin fails with the error shown in the screenshot.
I have donwloaded Windows SDK 10.0 and I have also selected 'Retarget solution, 10.0.19041.0. But I get the same error message. What am I supposed to do to run the Audio Test Bench with Visual Studio 2019?

Answers (1)

Jimmy Lapierre
Jimmy Lapierre on 26 May 2020
Edited: Jimmy Lapierre on 26 May 2020
Support for plugin generation Visual Studio 2019 was added in 2019b Update 5. Please let me know if you have the latest updates applied and are still experiencing this issue.
Jimmy Lapierre
Jimmy Lapierre on 28 May 2020
Thanks for letting us know!

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