Two-Phase fluid - Weird Temperature peak

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Joris Naudin
Joris Naudin on 2 Jun 2020
Commented: Luke Halberstadt on 22 Dec 2020
Hi people,
I am trying that really nice SimScape two-phase fluid library.
I am simulating a double acting steam free piston.
It is running without errors (most of the time, depends a lot on the valve pipe diameter I set ...), but the weird thing is when I increase the reservoir volume, the temperature suddenly shows really high peak in the beginnnig of the stroke (like if it was overheated steam).
Which is pretty surprising since I would expect a rise of pressure when the piston compress the fresh steam, not temperature ?
And the peak to be lower and lower when volume increase, but it is the contrary happening.
Any idea why is it happening ? It doesn't seems right to me.
Thank !
Luke Halberstadt
Luke Halberstadt on 22 Dec 2020
When I run the simulation, it errors out at the beginning, so I do not see the behavior you are describing.
Caused by:
Before addressing that issue, I would first eliminate all algebraic loops as it will improve overall simulation behavior.

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