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How can I create a List of Figures in a pdf report created with Report Generator?

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Alessio Pesetti
Alessio Pesetti on 7 Jun 2020
Answered: Rahul Singhal on 15 Jun 2020
In a .pdf report, created with mlreportgen.dom package, the Table of Contents (TOC) and a series of chapters, section and Figures with caption have been implemented as shown here:
I would like to create (after the Table of Contents) a list indicating at each row: figure number, its caption and page number. It is usually named "List of Figures" in a report (e.g. Figure 1.1 Caption of the
Practically, I would need something analogous to mlreportgen.dom.TOC class, but instead of operating on headings(chapters/sections) it should works on images-caption.
Thank you very much for any advice/tip
Best regards

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Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 15 Jun 2020
Hi Alessio,
Considering the exact use case you mentioned, the team plans to add new APIs in R2020b, that will automatically create a list of figures, tables, and captions, and then can be added to a report in the same way as TOC.
Curently, you can use the below helper function to add a list of figures/tables in a DOCX (not PDF) report:
function obj = mkto_t_f(stream_name)
import mlreportgen.dom.*
tof = [
'<w:p>' ...
'<w:fldSimple w:instr=" TOC \\h \\z \\c &quot;%s&quot; ">' ...
'<w:r>' ...
'<w:rPr>' ...
'<w:b/>' ...
'<w:bCs/>' ...
'<w:noProof/>' ...
'</w:rPr>' ...
'<w:t>No table of figures entries found.</w:t>' ...
'</w:r>' ...
'</w:fldSimple>' ...
'</w:p>' ...
obj = RawText(sprintf(tof, stream_name), 'docx');
Using the helper function mentioned above, adding the list of figures/tables to a DOCX report.
% Insert a List of Figures in DOCX report
append(d, mkto_t_f('figure'));
% Insert a List of Tables in DOCX report
append(d, mkto_t_f('table'));
If you really want it in PDF report, you can programmatically convert the DOCX report into PDF as mentioned below:
docview(d.OutputPath, 'updatedocxfields', 'convertdocxtopdf');

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