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Can I use Japanese in PPT file with the Report Generator?

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Yoshio Onoe
Yoshio Onoe on 18 Jun 2020
Answered: Rahul Singhal on 21 Jul 2020
I have used Japanese to make pdf in Report Generator.
This week I have tried using Japanese to make ppt file in Report Generator. But I can't.
Can I use Japanese to make ppt file in Report Generator?

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Utsav Agrawal
Utsav Agrawal on 19 Jun 2020
It is my understanding that you want to use Japanese in a PPT file created with MATLAB report generator.
One way of doing this would be create a report as a word document first and then convert it to a PowerPoint file.
To create a report as a word document, set the File format to “Word Document (RTF)” in Report options inside MATLAB report generator.
After completing the word document, you can convert it into a PPT file.

Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 21 Jul 2020
Hi Yoshio,
Yes, you should be able to add Japanese characters in a presentation.
In the below example, I added both english and japanese characters in the presentation and ran it in my english machine.
% Create a presentation
import mlreportgen.ppt.*
ppt = Presentation("myPresentation3.pptx");
% Add a slide to the presentation
slide = add(ppt,"Title and Content");
% Replace the title for the slide
replace(slide,"Title","Slide with Japanese Content");
% Create paragraph for the content of the slide
japaneseStr = [char(26085) char(26412)];
para = Paragraph("Japanese content: ");
% Replace the content for the slide with the paragraph
% Close and view the presentation
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