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Neural network (edit, text, pushbutton)

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Daniel Savu
Daniel Savu on 22 Jun 2020
Answered: Shubham Khatri on 12 Apr 2021
Hello! Can you help me please!! I have the following code phrase for neural network. I want to make my matlab interface read 5 inputs of the neural network. How can I do this? Thank you in advance
load retea.mat;
input_value = str2double(get(handles.edit1, 'String'));
output_value = sim(test_net, input_value)
set(handles.text2, 'String', num2str(output_value))

Answers (1)

Shubham Khatri
Shubham Khatri on 12 Apr 2021
To my understanding you are trying to build a neural network with 5 inpurs and one output. I have created a dummy code below.
net = feedforwardnet;
net.numinputs = 5;
net.inputConnect = input_value
net = configure(net,input_value,output_value);
net = train(net,input_value,output_value);
output_value = sim(net,input_value)
Also, take a look at this community answer.
For more information, please visit the documentation link for train, configure and sim.
Hope it helps


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