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What exactly is the problem of DisplayAlerts?

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I have the following code. It doesn't work when I press the run command. But it strangely works in the command prompt single-step debugging and what is even more strange to me is that it works in the 'Run and Advance' in the xlsread part without any error. I had faced this DisplayAlerts issue before too, and I used to work with it by just reading the file in the command prompt or working with the 'Run and Advance' thing. But out of curiosity I would like to know what exactly is the difference in either of the approach and why the simple run doesn't work but the 'Run and Advance' works. Thanks in advance.
clear all
close all
[filename,pathname] = uigetfile('Open text file','MultiSelect','on');
Excel = actxGetRunningServer('Excel.Application');
Excel.DisplayAlerts = false; % Avoid excel warning popups
data = xlsread(fullfile(pathname, filename))';
for i=2:1:size(data,1)
xlim([1e-3 1.4e-3])
%title(sprintf('at Cc = %dpF',Cc));
hold on
Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya on 29 Jun 2020
Oh wow. It works. I never imagined that there is something called as xlsread1 too.
Btw why am I not having any option to choose 'Accept answer' to this question?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jun 2020

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