AC/DC Three-Level PWM Converter

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NN on 29 Jun 2020
Answered: Mohsen Aleenejad on 30 Jul 2020
AC/DC Three-Level PWM Converter is an example matlab file and why this file doesnt not work for negative active power reference.Does it needs to change the initial conditions set and if so how to do that ?
Mohsen Aleenejad
Mohsen Aleenejad on 30 Jun 2020
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Answers (1)

Mohsen Aleenejad
Mohsen Aleenejad on 30 Jul 2020
The reason is that the topology is not physically able to follow the negative reference. The load consists of two parallel resistive branches. There is no power/energy generaor (at the right side of the converter) to constantly put back the energy into the 600V three phase system. As a rsult, the active power is always positive and Id cannot remain negative.


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