Multiplying Matrices not working

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Sean St Cyr
Sean St Cyr on 2 Jul 2020
Commented: Sean St Cyr on 3 Jul 2020
% Start writing your program here
% read excel file
GradesTxt = readcell('CU3141_Grades.xlsx');
GradesDat = readmatrix('CU3141_Grades.xlsx');
% final grades
distribution = [0.2, 0.4,0.4];
Final = (GradesDat)*distribution;
AveGrade = mean(Final) %average grade
MaxGrade = max(Final) %maximum grade
MaxIndex = find(Final == MaxGrade)% maximum index
Students = GradesTxt(3:end,1); % extract only names for students
MaxStudent = Students(MaxIndex); % get the name of student with max score
MaxStudent = cell2mat(MaxStudent) % convert cell to character matrix (array)
% create the output message using matlab's sprintf function
Results = sprintf('The average grade was %.1f with a maximum score of %.1f by %s.',AveGrade,MaxGrade,MaxStudent)
I am trying to calculate a grades distribution and I understand that the matricies dont align, but when i try to change them to make them work it screws up the rest of my coding can anyone help?

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jul 2020
Final = (GradesDat)*distribution.';
Sean St Cyr
Sean St Cyr on 3 Jul 2020
It is a 13x4 however i need it to be a 13x3 correct? Because when I use the readmatrix it puts the NaN but would that effect the outcome?

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