Not able to find N-Channel IGBT block (behavioral model) in Simscape library

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I am running 2017b Simulink version, with Simscape and Simscape Electrical toolboxes installed, as per Add-on explorer status. I wish to use behavioral model of N-channel IGBT described here, however, all I can find is ideal IGBT model block named as 'IGBT' under Simscape in Library browser. Posting screenshot of my library browser below.
What do I need to install in order to access the behavioral model block 'N-Channel IGBT' described in the link above?

Answers (1)

Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula on 17 Aug 2020
The N-channel IGBT is part of Simscape Electronics Toolbox. You can refer the below image to navigate to N-channel IGBT block in Simulink Library Browser.
To check whether you have Simscape Electronics installed or not please use the license command as follows:
If it returns 1 you have Simscape Electronics installed. Else, please install Simscape Electronics to get the required block.
Hope this helps!




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