Independent scaling of matlab R2020a in multiple monitors on windows 10?

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My setup is the following: a surface book 2 with screen resolution of 3240 x 1260 with scaling at 200% and one mini-screen with 1024 x 600 pixels attached to it. If I have the surface book as the main display, the matlab R2020a IDE scales nicely with the main display but if I drag it to the mini-screen, it isn't re-scaled and evth is too huge. Similarly, if I set the mini-screen with the main display, the matlab IDE scales with the mini-display super well but if I drag it to the surface book screen, the IDE becomes way too small. So, is there a way to make matlab scale with each screen independently in windows 10? With the same setup but using linux instead, matlab IDE scales perfectly and independently if I drag it around.

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Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula on 20 Aug 2020
This might be a scaling issue did you check what is the scaling of your mini-screen in Windows - Display : Scale and Layout settings?
If you are facing issue with GUI, you may refer the following answer:
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Frederico Azevedo
Frederico Azevedo on 21 Aug 2020
Hi Maadhav,
thanks for your answer. I agree with you that it is scaling problem. The monitors definitely have different scalings and those are necessary for a correct display. What is happening is that matlab gets stuck with the scaling of the main display and when I move the IDE to the extended monitor with a different scale, Matlab doesn't rescale it. If I make the main display be the mini-screen, the same problem happens. Matlab will get stuck with the scaling of the mini-screen and won't rescale it if I drag it to the bigger screen. The rescaling should happen automatically, as it happens with any other program in windows 10.

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