simulink application was unable to start 0xc000007b? (in 64bit computer)

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I try compile the exe file from 32bit window and it gave me a lot of registry problem?
How to get simulink application run?
What i did: I build a simple source and oscilloscope simulink model. I change the code generation to rsim.tlc. I build it.
Did i do anything wrong on my steps? Can anyone send me a sample simulink standalone file which are running, and probably send me a video.

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Answers (2)

Kelvin Oys
Kelvin Oys on 30 Jan 2013
This is just a situation report. I try matlab 32bit 2009a and it works fine in producing a simulink exe file. However in 2009a there is no PID controller which still not working.

Anuj Patil
Anuj Patil on 20 Jun 2018


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