Plotting two vectors as a function of each other

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Hi all
I have two vectors representing the throughput and delay of a wireless network link, both plotted as a function of the applied load given as the number of competing stations present from 1 to N = 100 (where N = the maximum considered number of stations and the length of each vector).
What I want to do is plot the throughput as a function of the delay - how can I do this?
I've come across the function plotxy() which sounds like it does what I need but this uses the simscape toolbox, which I'm not using for the project.
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Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 22 Sep 2020
If your two vectors have the same size (e.g 1-by-N), I would recommend simply applying plot function.
If possible, could you upload your data (or share a small example) ?

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Mayank Bajpai
Mayank Bajpai on 28 Oct 2020
I think, you have two simple options:
  1. use the scatter plot. i.e scatter(x,y)
  2. sort the data and then use plot. i.e
temp = sortrows([x y]); % assuming x and y are row vector.



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