How to plot the figure as equivalent to figure Picture1 below?

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I have a plotted figure in software called Origin. I used to use the EMF figures from Origin and import them into the PowerPoint (the reason for me putting this point is when we paste special as EMF or a picture then I see that the plot is transparent, meaning the plot will not have any background).
But I don't know how to save the Matlab figure as an EMF file which has transparency. I saved one (untitled.EMF) but as you can see that it is not looking as Same as the Picture1.EMF. Please let me know what can I do. Thank you.
The data is quite simple 3 column data, where I will just plot the first two columns in the attached figure. I am also attaching a PPT slide to just demonstrate what I actually mean by the transparency of the EMF figure. I have also attached the data. The images and the slide are in the zip folder.

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Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya on 4 Oct 2020
Edited: Jay Vaidya on 4 Oct 2020
I got the solution. It is quite simple. I used export_fig function of MATLAB

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