How to read multiple image directory with for loop

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I'm trying to display image with for loop. My code is like that. After the 9 picture the image file name is image_0010. So if i want to display this image now what i need to do? Thanks in advance.
imageArray = [];
for i = 1:200
str = int2str(i);
str = strcat('\','image_000',str,'.png');
str = strcat('C:\Users\Hasibur Rahman\Documents\MATLAB\ClassWork2_62018040032_哈西\LFPW\trainset', str);
image = imread(str);
imageArray = image;
imageArray = imageArray + image;
title('Original Image!');

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Sudhakar Shinde
Sudhakar Shinde on 15 Oct 2020
1 option could be:
if i>9
str = strcat('\','image_00',str,'.png');
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Stephen23 on 15 Oct 2020
Or just learn how to write simpler and more efficient code (e.g. sprintf).

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Stephen23 on 15 Oct 2020
Edited: Stephen23 on 15 Oct 2020
Rather than fragile string concatenation and ungainly constructs involving int2str or num2str, the neat and efficient MATLAB approach is to use sprintf and fullfile:
D = 'C:\Users\Hasibur Rahman\Documents\MATLAB\ClassWork2_62018040032_哈西\LFPW\trainset';
for k = 1:200
F = sprintf('image_%04d.png',k);
I = imread(fullfile(D,F));
This is what the MATLAB documentation recommends:
Note that I also moved the directory definition to before the loop, where it belongs.


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