Problem with VXIplug&play driver?

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pesccia on 7 Feb 2013
Commented: 华敏 on 11 Mar 2023 at 7:53
Hello, I want to connect RS FSH3 spectrum analyzer to Matlab and read data.
System: Windows 7 64 bit, Matlab 2011b 64 bit
I downloaded and installed VXIplug&play 64-bit driver from Rhode-Schwarz site. But, when I try to check if driver is propertly installed, Matlab informs me that there is no driver at all.
>> instrhwinfo
ans =
MATLABVersion: '7.13 (R2011b)'
SupportedInterfaces: {'gpib' 'serial' 'tcpip' 'udp' 'visa' 'Bluetooth'}
SupportedDrivers: {'matlab'}
ToolboxName: 'Instrument Control Toolbox'
ToolboxVersion: '3.0 (R2011b)'
>> instrhwinfo('vxipnp', 'rsspecan')
Error using instrhwinfo (line 299) The specified VXIplug&play driver could not be found.
Can anyone tell me what is the problem?
Thanx in advanced.

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Maximilian Becker
Maximilian Becker on 23 Mar 2022
Edited: Maximilian Becker on 23 Mar 2022
Hello to who ever this might interest!
although this problem is rather old, I just stumbled across it or atleast a similar problem, where the driver was not found by the Instrument Control Toolbox (ICT). Therefore, I'd like to share my solution with you or atleast reduce some error potential.
I wanted to interface the R&S oscilloscope RTA4004 and RTB2002 via Matlab (they share the same driver for PlugAndPlay) and started installing every existing driver for both x64 and x86 systems without success.
The first source of error was, that for me, the driver name was changed (was not the same as in the official Communication guide by R&S: The name changed from "rsspecan" to "rsrtx" for me and therefore all the commands containing "rsspecan" had to be changed to call "rsrtx" instead
The second source of error was about the existing support software and here most importantly about the order of installation, which is the most important part, as I just found out.
To be able to find the drivers in the ICT in Matlab I was successful by using the following installation order:
  1. Install the Instrument Control Toolbox (ITC)
  2. If you have R2022a or higher, further install the corresponding support package to get further functionalities later on (not reuired for installing the drivers though): Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for IVI and VXIplug&play Drivers
  3. Install "R&S VISA" (very important):
  4. Install the "Shared Components" libraries from IVI Foundation: . The order is relevant as it only works in one direction. Install "IVI Shared Components" and "IVI.NET Shared Components"
  5. Now finally install the IVI Net and VXIPlug&Play driver for your R&S device. These are available in the R&S driver library
Ask the ICT if that worked by typing "instrhwinfo ('vxipnp', 'rsrtx')" into the Matlab command window.
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华敏 on 11 Mar 2023 at 7:53
>> instrhwinfo ('vxipnp', 'rsspecan')
未定义变量 "VXIPnPLoader" 或类 "VXIPnPLoader.toBasicMatlabDriverModel"。
出错 instrhwinfo>localGetVXIPnPDriverInfo (line 833)
model = VXIPnPLoader.toBasicMatlabDriverModel([fullDriverName '.fp']);
出错 instrhwinfo (line 445)
out = localGetVXIPnPDriverInfo(adaptor);

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Khalid on 8 Feb 2013
Hello Peja..The issue here is that you are using 64-bit version of the Matlab, for this instrument of R&S you need to use 32 bit version of Matlab. I had the similar issue but after installing 32 bit Matlab the error didnt showed up again
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Roberto on 5 Aug 2016
I have the same issue and solved upgrading the 'visa' driver under matlab!

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