How to make plot smooth when we can not increase the x and y variables.

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Hello Every One.....
I am plotting a graph between two values let say x and y. There 10 x's and 10 y's.So when I plot I get a straight line plot,which looks very ugly.Please look at the pic given.Remember number of x and y are fixed,becuse I am getting this from the answer of a series of operation applied in loop.I can not increase the numb of x and y.Is there any way I can do this ?? Thanks

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Mayank Bajpai
Mayank Bajpai on 28 Oct 2020
Instead of linear interpolation in the plot, try a spline interpolation?
yy=interp1(x,y,xx,'spline'); % spline interpolation
plot(xx,yy,'r-') % to show the interpolated plot
scatter(x,y,'ro',filled) % to show the observed data points

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