Convert from cell of a table to an array

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I am importing data from an excel spreadsheet as follows:
options = readtable('options.xlsx');
Some of the excel cells contain descitions of arrays like "[1,2,3]". The cell from readtable would then be:
I would like to convert this to an array of doubles like
How can I go about doing this?

Accepted Answer

Sindar on 30 Oct 2020
Edited: Sindar on 30 Oct 2020
It gets tricky with different variable types and widths, but hopefully this helps. Worst case, you build up the new table element by element:
% build example like your table
t =
1×2 table
Var1 Var2
___________ ___________
{'[1,2,3]'} {'[4,5,6,7]'}
% start a new table
% convert the text in the cell to an array:
t2 =
1×2 table
Var1 Var2
___________ ________________
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cameron Dyson
Cameron Dyson on 30 Oct 2020
Thank you, its working for me now!

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