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Marker Symbol 'I' in plot

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I would like to use '|' the vertical line as a marker symbol. It is also listed as a marker symbol here: However when I tried to use it, I got this error message:
Error setting property 'Marker' of class 'Line':
'|' is not a valid value. Use one of these values: '+' | 'o' | '*' | '.' | 'x' | 'square' | 'diamond' | 'v' | '^' | '>' | '<' | 'pentagram' | 'hexagram'
| 'none'.
Is it possibe to use '|' as a marker symbol and if yes, how do I do that?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 6 Nov 2020
You can use a text object as a work-around:
x = 1:50;
y = rand(size(x));
plot(x, y, '.', 'Color','none')
axis([0 50 0 1])
text(x, y, '|', 'VerticalAlignment','middle', 'HorizontalAlignment','center', 'Color','r')
If you want to use the horizontal line with this approach, use (char(151)) not underscore _.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 6 Nov 2020
As always, my pleasure!

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