how can n I export file with Excle format, with fprintf

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how can I export file with Excle format, with fprintf
i have the flowing lines :
fid:fopen ('elements. txt', 'w')
fprintf (fid, %15.10f %15.10f %15.10f/n',elements)
these lines make a text file wich is not readable by another code)

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 9 Nov 2020
fprintf can only write data to text file. It cannot write data to Excel file. TO write data in Excel format use the function writematrix
% Creating a random data, replace this with your data
elements = rand(100, 4);
% Write to .txt file
fid = fopen ('elements.txt', 'w');
fprintf (fid, '%15.10f %15.10f %15.10f\n', elements);
% Write to .xlsx file
writematrix(elements, 'elements.xlsx');
zina shadidi
zina shadidi on 9 Nov 2020
Thanks a lot subhadeep koley , it works , but let me ask you please how can l arrange the elements in Exle file as in text file in two coloumn .

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