Thick border for a plot

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CS on 20 Nov 2020
Answered: CS on 20 Nov 2020
I have a plot like this
As can be seen, there is no border on the right side.
My questions:
1- Why?
2- How to get it solved?
3- How to make the axes thicker (how to change the linewidth of the axes)?
4- How to make a thick border around the plot (the line indicated in red shape)?
Thanks for your help!

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 20 Nov 2020
Edited: VBBV on 20 Nov 2020
box on
ax = gca
ax.LineWidth = 6
CS on 20 Nov 2020
However, if we are using the
grid on
all the grid lines would also get thicker. How can I only change the width of the border?
How can I have the grid lines as what they are and change the width of the border?

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CS on 20 Nov 2020
Also, how can I increase the marker size in the legend?
I found somthing realated to icons, but when I apply it, the legend title disappears. How can I have both legend title and enlarged legend marker size?


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