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Need help in viewing a 2D image in 3D space.

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I have an image that consistes of black dots on a white background. I generated this image by identifying particles from an image I have and assigning black to the particles and white to others. I have around 8 such images.I need to view them in 3D space to get an idea about how the flow field looks. I have the images and the disctance between each image (This is constant). How can I combine all my images and view in a 3D space??


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2020
volumeviewer perhaps. But I suspect
idx = find(YourMatrix) ;
[r, c, p] = ind2sub(size(YourMatrix), idx);
scatter3(c, r, p)
Notice that is not scatter3(r, c, p)
Also really you should be multiplying the indices by the distance between adjacent pixels in the appropriate direction.

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RAJESHWAR R on 17 Dec 2020
Sir its giving me a blue image why is it so?

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