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GA does not solve problems with integer and equality constraints.

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I am working on intger (binary) nonlinear problem with (0-1), with equality constraint.
when I used the GA to solve the problem I got the following error:
"GA does not solve problems with integer and equality constraints"
How can I solve this problem, and is there any function in matlab can help or support this kind of problem (integer nonlinear problem with equality constraint)


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2020
you can still use ga but you have to tell ga that you have no integer constraints. Then you have to provide a population function and a crossover function and a mutation function that all "just happen" to generate configurations that satisfy your integer constraints.
When you declare integer constraints then the implementation works by putting in functions that enforce the constraints, and that interferes with adding your own functions.

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