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What is this block called and where can I find it?

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David Baas
David Baas on 7 Dec 2020
Commented: David Baas on 8 Dec 2020
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Figure below. What is its function and what is the top output?


Rik on 7 Dec 2020
@Madhan, I found a Google cache from just after you posted your answer, and it doesn't look like the question was meaningfully edited. Am I missing something?
madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 8 Dec 2020
First the OP asked about the name of the block and later changed it to what it’s function and outputs are.
David Baas
David Baas on 8 Dec 2020
Yes I accidentally posted the question incomplete, but fixed it right away, but then I already had an answer

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Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 7 Dec 2020


David Baas
David Baas on 7 Dec 2020
Thank you. So the block can be expanded? What does the f mean in the middle? And in the arrow on the top an output?
Jonas on 7 Dec 2020
The 'f' input appears when you use rising edge reset.
The signal coming from the top is an output for the state of the integrator.
These features are disabled by default, but can be enabled in the Block Parameter settings.

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